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Love Shaklee? Become a Shaklee member for $19.99 and get 15% off all Shaklee products. Buy a little over $100.00 worth of goods and membership pays for itself.
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    Become A Shaklee Distributor: Sell On-Line Or From Your Home 

    Imagine buying a franchise from a proven business for under $50.00? It would never happen, right? But in essence that is what you are getting when you become a Shaklee distributor.    

    Once you become a distributor you can sell the Shaklee line of every-day products to your family and friends and use the products yourself at a discount. Your customers can even buy from you online using your distributor number. You don’t need inventory or to deal with shipping and you earn the profit.    

    Or if you want to own your own individual website you can buy a Shaklee pre-made website and customize it with your own name and contact information. You can view the Shaklee pre-made website by clicking here.      

    The next step? Contact us. We would love to speak with you, answer your
    questions, and help you choose the approach that is right for you. Or, if you want to take a look at the options for Shaklee membership on your own, click here.

    Become A Gold Ambassador

    For those wanting to take full advantage of the Shaklee earning opportunity, your best choice is as a GOLD Ambassador membership. Gold Ambassador Membership offers the most benefits and savings. Get started by choosing the GOLD PAK that's right for you:

    • $299 GOLD PAK
      Shaklee-ize your home with five Shaklee best-selling products (a retail value of over $500), get immediate bonus eligibility, 250 PV towards additional bonuses, and three months of a personal website free.

    • $599 GOLD Plus PAK
      Shaklee-ize your home with18 popular Shaklee products (a retail value of over $850), get immediate bonus eligibility, 500 PV towards additional bonuses, and six months of a personal website free.
    • $750 Super GOLD PAK
      Kick-start your business with four product packs (a retail value of up to $1,250), immediate bonus eligibility, 500 PV towards additional bonuses, and six months of a personal website free.

    MLMs: Why We Hate Them And Why We Should Love Them

    If you live long enough in America chances are you will come across a company with a multi-level marketing plan (MLM). A multi-level marketing plan is really very simple: not only do you sell the company's product, you also find other people who want to sell it. Then you get a percentage of everything the person you brought into the company buys or sells. The more people you bring in and the more they sell, the more money you make. The company saves on advertising and instead invests in bonuses and teaching materials to show you how to promote the products and the system.

    Why We Hate MLMs

    First of all I should say that I don't really hate MLMs. After all, I am a distributor for one. MLMs by themselves can be a good thing. But let's face it: building a business, any business, takes time and effort. And often companies that use MLM plans, in an attempt to be motivating and inspirational, end up dazzling us with delusions of quick riches. How many of us have gotten burned by company hype - promises of shiny new cars and other incentives only to find that six months later we've spent more than we've made?

    Then there is the feeling of taking advantage of a friendship. While I don't mind offering my friends an opportunity to enhance their income, I am not about to promote something that I myself have not been able to make money with. This is where having a solid product line comes in. Personally, if I don't love the product I'm not going to sell either the product or the plan.

    Why We Should Love MLMs

    What's great about MLMs is that they offer a business opportunity to anyone who wants one for relatively little money. When it comes to providing opportunity, MLMs are the great American equalizer. If you have a need, a desire, a motivation to make money, to build a business, but no way of doing it an MLM offers you a chance. You need no qualifications, no degrees, nothing other than being "you" to start. Of course, not all MLMs are created equal and the company you choose to work with makes a difference.

    But what I really find compelling about the MLM model is that it makes sense karmically. The more time and energy you put into making someone else successful the more benefit you will reap. In a country in which everything is about competition, the MLM is really unique. I get more excited about the idea of seeing someone I've helped achieve financial success than I do about my own success.

    And, if you are an MLM customer you have the satisfaction of both buying a quality product and having your money go towards benefiting friends or other members of your community.

    With the instability in the economy, the MLM very well may be the business model of the future!

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