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ThreeGreens.Info is owned and operated by Shelley Valentine aka "Sarita" - an independent distributor of Shaklee products.   

ThreeGreens.Info introduces favorite Shaklee products, advertises sales and specials, and offers the opportunity to become an independent Shaklee distributor. Through ThreeGreens.Info you can access the complete Shaklee Catalog of products
including a line for skin care, weight-loss, and sports performance as well as cleaning products and vitamin products


"Back 60 to 65 years ago I woke up to the relationship of man with nature. From that time on my determination was to build a business someday that would be in absolute harmony with nature."  This beautiful quote by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, founder of Shaklee, says it all. Shaklee was one of the first companies to develop organic, biodegradable cleaning products (as early as 1960) and promote a preventative approach to health based on the ideals and goals of Dr. Shaklee himself.

Today, Shaklee is the first company in the world to be Climate Neutral Certified and to fully offset their carbon emissions - proof they are still committed to Dr. Shaklee's vision of living in absolute harmony with nature.

About Sarita   

I am a musician, writer, and entrepreneur. Like many artists I have spent the majority of my life trying to figure out how to afford my passions. Prior to ThreeGreens I put together a web-based business selling my own jewelery but found that I needed much more capital and time than I could afford. I concluded that I needed a ready-made product line that I could feel good about; something that didn’t require huge amounts of capital up-front or huge amounts of space for inventory. I signed up for Shaklee on a whim. The entire risk was approximately $50.00. I had been aware of the company since the ‘80’s and I knew that my friends who used the Shaklee products loved them. 

Environmentally-sound cleaning products and quality vitamins? Products that were good for people and good for the environment too? Shaklee seemed like a perfect fit. I have a number of chemical sensitivities and have been taking a wholistic approach to my health for years. I practice and promote recycling and environmental awareness. Shaklee seemed to work for me on every level. It seemed too good to be true.

But it isn’t! I have been amazed that I like the products as
uch as I do - especially the cleaning products. (See my reviews.) And I am thrilled by the prospect of helping other people develop rich and prosperous lives through Shaklee. (See "Three Ways To Join Our Business".) I can’t wait to help someone else achieve financial independence.

My intention for my life is to keep creating and expanding and Shaklee is giving me the opportunity to do just that!

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