Our Favorite "Get Clean" Cleaning Products (& Why)

I didn’t think I was going to like the Shaklee cleaning products as much as I do. I’ve been using natural cleaning products for years: Citrasolve, Simple Green, Seventh Generation, Meyers. When people would talk about Basic H2 and the Shaklee cleaning line like it was the next best thing to chocolate, I would roll my eyes. That is until I tried the products. Now guess what? I love the products!!!!!

I particularly love Basic H2, Shaklee’s foundation product. It’s easy to use and cost effective. You buy one bottle of Basic H2 and three mixing spray bottles which create a basic cleaner, a glass cleaner, and a degreaser. The amounts you use per bottle are so small that one bottle will last for a few years. (Shaklee figures that users of the window cleaner alone have eliminated 2.7 billion bottles from waste sites.)

Here is what I love the most about the Basic H2: it’s effective, it’s gentle, and it’s odorless. I never realized how much the smell of cleaning products bothered me. But you spray Basic H2 and no chemical smell comes at you. No particles get into your nose. It doesn’t bother your lungs. It’s very gentle and oddly effective at cleaning just about anything. So far I haven’t encountered any cleaning project Basic H couldn’t handle.

And when it comes to windows and mirrors, I thought I would use Windex until the day I died and someone would then have to pry it out of my hands. But I love, love, love the Basic H window cleaner. It doesn’t smell, it doesn’t mist into your nose, and it doesn’t streak. Really, it does not streak. Of course, if your windows are very dirty you will have to go over them a few times, but you would have to do that with Windex too.

In addition to all that Basic H2 is organic. It’s patented formula is made from corn and coconut. I know people who bathe their dogs in it. I even know one person who brushed her teeth with it when she ran out of toothpaste. Shaklee was the first company to ever market a biodegradable cleaner and as far as I can tell Basic H2 is still the best one out there.

Spray-Bottle Three Pack

Shaklee makes it so easy to mix Basic H2 into three products with the spray-bottle three-pack. Each bottle is clearly labeled with the product name - degreaser, all-purpose cleaner, and window cleaner. The directions for mixing each formula are on each bottle. Easy!

Scour-Off is the perfect compliment to Basic H2. I use it on sinks, tubs, and caked-on pans for when I really need to scrub. It also polishes copper. Non-toxic, bio-degradable, no fumes (smells like cherries), and gentle on your hands. Oh, and so effective!

This is the first dish-washing liquid I’ve come across that does not give me contact dermatitis and that works well enough for my husband to give-up using Dawn. (I wonder how much Dawn residue I’ve ingested in my life?) The fact that it is organic/biodegradable and non-toxic is just a bonus. I had to get used to how intensely concentrated it is though. One or two drops is all you need.

My mother and I had tried all the natural products available to us but we kept going back to Cascade because in the end the dishes do have to be clean. Shaklee automatic dish washing powder is the first all-natural, biodegradable product that worked for us. It is also super concentrated. One bag lasted us three months washing almost every day, sometimes twice.

This laundry booster is amazing stuff. It whitens and brightens using enzymes and is safe for colors. It even cleans oils out of sheets making it a favorite of massage therapists everywhere.

Fresh Laundry Concentrate - Liquid or Powder (scented / unscented)

- both are natural, hypoallergenic, and concentrated; both have no chlorine, no phosphates and have biodegradable surfactants; both come scented and unscented. The liquid concentrate is compatible with high-efficiency washers. The powder washes 88 loads and comes in minimal packaging.


Why Shaklee Supplements?

Two reasons. First, none of us like to think about it but the vitamin industry is a largely unregulated industry. Sure, we want the FDA out of it as much as possible. (Can you imagine every vitamin product out there having to go through the FDA pipeline?) But as a result, we have to rely on the integrity of the vitamin company itself to ensure its products are safe and effective. At Shaklee they conduct over 80,000 (80,000!) quality assurance tests a year to ensure the greatest purity and potency possible.

Second: bioavailability. Shaklee has 12 patents on a vitamin delivery system which ensures that their vitamins will be absorbed. It’s nicknamed S.M.A.R.T for a reason. Different coatings enable the supplements to deliver the nutrients to the right organ at the right time. Shaklee multis are coated in folic acid for immediate absorption in the stomach. B’s and C’s have a sustained release gel system clinically proven to maintain blood nutrient levels over 12 hours. Vitamin E and fish oils release only after reaching the upper intestine. (No acid stomach!) And the probiotics are encapsulated for release in the lower intestines. That’s why a 2007 study conducted in conjunction with U C Berkeley School Of Public Health found that people who took Shaklee supplements had significantly better health than those who took a single multi-vitamin or none at all.


                                                                        (Not Suitable For Vegetarians)

Shaklee makes it easy to get everything you need without having to buy a million supplements. One purchase a month and forget it. When you add up what it would cost you to buy each supplement individually, you are actually saving about $30.00 a month. And look at the stats:

  •     80 Bio-optimized nutrients
  •     Sustained release delivery of B & C enhances B delivery up to 198%
  •     1000 IU’s of Vitamin D
  •     100% of the daily requirement for most minerals.
  •     50% of the daily requirement for calcium and magnesium –way more than most multis.
  •     High Quality Omega-3 Fish Oil for heart and brain functions
  •     The Anti-Oxidant Spectrum
  •     Pro-biotic for digestive health
  •     S.M.A.R.T. Delivery System
  •     Feel Better In 30 Days or your money back guarantee.

Vita-Lea Men's, Women's & Vita-Lea Gold (For over 50) with K, without K

Vita-Lea gives you 100% of the daily requirement for nearly every vitamin and mineral. More calcium and magnesium than most multis. (45% and 50% respectively. Check yours.) Shaklee coats each tablet with folic acid which allows the nutrients to break down immediately in the stomach for maximum absorption. And it’s economical: $13.55 per month - $11.53 for member – sold in two month supplies.

Vita-Lea Gold for people over 50 is even higher in nutrients, especially B vitamins for energy. Vitamin K, D, and boron support bone health and calcium absorption. (Available without vitamin K for those at risk for blood clots.) N-acetylcysteine provides protection against free radical damage and pre-mature aging.*


Vivix Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic

This product is amazing and completely unique to Shaklee. Shaklee scientists have worked for years to create and isolate a unique profile of polyphenols that have been shown in laboratory studies to fight the four key mechanisms of cellular aging. The result? Vivix -Shaklee's patented anti-aging cellular tonic derived from a rare grape (vitis rotundifolio), black elderberry, and purple carrot extract. Vivix delivers high amounts of resveratrol - a compound known for it's anti-inflamatory properties, anti-viral properties, it's ability to remove plaque from the brain and cardio-vascular system, and it's positive impact on metabolism and energy production. One teaspoon of Vivix is is equal to the resveratrol found in 100 glasses of red wine. In addition, this rare grape also contains ellagic acid - a fatty acid not found in any other type of grape. Ellagic acid has been shown to cause apoptosis or cell death in cancer cells.*

Shaklee's Vivix formula combines the grape extract from vitis rotundifolio with black elderberry known for it's anti-viral properties and . . making Vivix 10 times more powerful than resveratrol alone in slowing the mechanisms of aging.*


In 1954, Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima discovered interferon - a critical protein released by the body in response to the presence of pathogens. Interferons "interfere" with viruses, bacteria, tumors, and parasites, by activating special blood cells called "natural killer cells" or nk's. Shaklee's NutriFeron was developed the Dr. Kojima, the discoverer of interferons, himself. His proprietary blend of plant extracts and phytonutrients have been clinically shown to increase production of natural killer cells in the immune system thus boosting immunity.*

Osteo Matrix

You hear a lot about the role of magnesium and vitamin D in the absorption of calcium but how often do you hear about the role of vitamin K? Vitamin K is necessary to bind the calcium into your bones - otherwise it just stays in your bloodstream. Shaklee’s Osteo Matrix contains three different forms of calcium plus just the right blend of magnesium, vitamin D, boron, zinc, copper, manganese and, of course, vitamin K – all the nutrients the body requires to utilize the calcium efficiently and effectively. And unlike many calcium supplements, the tablet size is small and easy to swallow.


While there are many digestive enzyme supplements on the market this is the first one I’ve come across that comes in a vegetarian capsule. The comprehensive formula breaks-down protein, fats, dairy, and carbohydrates. Great to have on hand around the holidays!


Cholesterol Reduction Complex

You reach a certain age and it seems like everyone you know is concerned with their cholesterol. In fact, one in three Americans has high cholesterol. Many of the people I know are looking for a way to lower their cholesterol naturally, without the use of drugs and their side effects.

Shaklee's Cholesterol Reduction Complex reduces cholesterol naturally. It contains plant sterols and stanols - compounds which have been shown to block cholesterol absorption by more than 80 studies. Shaklee's Cholesterol Reduction Complex delivers 2000 mgs of plant sterols and stanols - the highest amount when compared to other leading brands. 2000 mgs  is the recommended amount by the National Institute Of Health in its guidelines for reducing cholesterol naturally.

As a vegetarian I pay extra attention to supplementing B vitamins and I can always tell when I'm low: I crave caffeine and sweets. B vitamins are easily depleted: alcohol, stress, caffeine, lack of sleep, or a poor diet will do it. B vitamins play an important role thoughout the body contributing to heart, lung, brain, and cell functioning, DNA regulation, and fortifying the body against depression and PMS.*

The Shaklee B Vitamin Complex offers a perfectly balanced blend of all 8 B vitamins and 100% or more of the daily requirement. Shaklee's unique patented folic acid coating assures maximum aborption and bio-availability.


Herb Lax was one of Dr. Shaklee's first nutritional products and it is still his original formula. The main ingredient is senna leaf - used for 1000's of years as a natural laxative. Herb Lax encourages a mild cleansing action to aid the body's natural processes.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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"Get Clean"Automatic
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Featured Product For March/April 2012

"Get Clean" Automatic Dishwasher Soap

We love Shaklee's "Get Clean" Automatic Dishwasher Powder Concentrate. It is enzyme-based, contains no chlorine, no phosphate, no dyes, and leaves no toxic residue. It removes dried-on food and tough stains without pre-rinsing. And it is super concentrated - one bag cleans approximately 48 loads of dishes. It is the only biodegradable automatic dishwasher soap that I've tried that has worked. Even my friend's 90 year-old father noticed the difference when he used it!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Shaklee's "Get Clean" automatic dishwasher soap was a 2008 winner of
the PTPA Award for product excellence.

Washes 48 loads of dishes. Safe for you, your family, and your planet.
Size: 2 lb.
Retail Price: $11.20
  Sale Price: $9.50 

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